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Word 2016 : How to Format Paper in APA Style

to VN change your font to Times New Roman and its size to 12 click the paragraph options button to open up its pop-up set the line spacing option to double you also want to remove the after spacing by setting it to zero click OK now double click at the top of your page to edit the header click on the different from first page checkbox in your header type running head with a colon and then type the title of your paper in all capital letters then hit the tab key to go to the right side of your document which is where we’ll put our page number go to the insert tab click on the page number drop-down button and hover over current position select the first option we’re done in the header so double click outside of it to deselect it now click on the Home tab select the center alignment button then hit enter a times until you are about at the center of your page and then type the title of your paper then type your name then your college then hit the enter key until you are down to the next page in the header on your next page type the title of your paper in all capital letters hit the tab key until it’s on the right side of your paper and we’re going to add a page number here just like we did before so click on the page number drop-down button current position and select the first option double click out of the header and then type the title of your paper hit the enter key next let’s go back to tab and click left align press the tab key and then go ahead and start typing your paper be sure to press tab before each new paragraph once you are done writing your paper press the Enter key until you are on a new page then go back to the Home tab and click the center align button type references and press Enter make sure you are in the Home tab and then hit the left align button click on the paragraph options button and the special drop-down box select the hanging option then click OK now I’m just going to paste my references in if yours no indent automatically just hit tab after each new line to set up your hanging indent all right and that’s all there is to it I hope you found this tutorial useful [Music] Oh

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TunnelBear Reviews and Other Tips

As a company owner, the ability to obtain a great deal on an external web proxy server is crucial to your net security moreover to getting the correct firewall security. As a consequence, just about every VPN service provider should include a comprehensive review of their very own product, with details like the terms of service, data transmission speeds, support and after sales support. It is quite common that these types of reviews can be quite a source of misleading information as some VPNs that happen to be sold at money off could really have poor consistency and performance. Though this is extremely unlikely, it is also possible to find a vendor that does not furnish such a detailed evaluation. This is certainly a great difficulty for anyone who is a new comer to VPN technology.

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